We are extremely glad to announce our first partner, the Gemeente Haarlem. The Gemeente Haarlem is working on a sustainable, green and clean city. Haarlem’s ambition is to be natural gas-free by 2040. Furthermore the Gemeente Haarlem also assists residents to find the right solution for each neighborhood, because there is no one right solution. Every home is different.
We are happy to announce our second partner, VIQH. VIQH stands for good quality, which is reflected in the name of the wine bar. VIQH is an abbreviation for Vin Qualité Haarlem. In short, VIQH is the perfect place for real wine lovers. A fun fact is that the interior of the wine bar is specially designed and inspired by the colors of the wine. Furthermore, VIQH offers more than 120 quality wines, each with its own taste, color and identity.
We are already announcing our third partner, Visspecialist de Dolfijn! At this fishmonger’s shop in Haarlem you can get the most delicious kibbeling, herring, gourmet food, daily fresh fish, crustaceans and shellfish and much more. And that at a competitive price. Moreover, they also make beautiful fish dishes for all kinds of special occasions!
Our fourth partner is the Philharmonie Haarlem. The Philharmonie is one of the most beautiful classical theaters in the Netherlands. In the heart of Haarlem. Rich culture and history. Secure online checkout. Comfortable seats. Classic look. Order safely online. Destinations: Philharmonie, Haarlem. Our event will also be held at the Philharmonie.

Our partners help us to organize this inspiring conference. Without their generous help and support TEDxYouth@Haarlem would not be possible.  
Interested in becoming one of our partners? Please contact: .