These are our lovely speakers. Within the next week you will see the biography and photos of our speakers.

Aaliyah Saleh

Divapowerdp the youngest sustainable fashion entrepreneur. She set up her Fashion brand about 2 years ago, age 13. Aaliyah, representing Dutch Gen Z and likes the world to be a more diverse place.
Divapowerdp is the first sustainable teenage fashion brand for the young woman who does not want to follow the trend of ‘fast fashion’ and who makes her own choice. The brand stands for sustainability and radiates strength. The clothing line consists of eye-catchers made of flexible, sustainable fabrics. Divapowerdp is a trendy and cool brand for the teenage woman of today. Behind the brand is the fifteen-year-old Aaliyah Saleh, the driving force and also a teenage power woman. Aaliyah is outspoken about her passion for sustainability.

Ekki Lemmink

As a former professional field hockey athlete, Ekki will inspire and empower you to dare to choose your own path. She will be talking about her stick, story, and key moments in her career. Moments that made her realize that there are two approaches in life:
1. you wait or 2. you get in charge. She encourages you to find your own ‘stick moments’. To help you choose the second approach in life: to get in charge and to choose. To choose your own path, because it’s yours to take.

Constanza Lasagna

Passionate, driven and creative: those are the characteristics that make me be myself. My wish is to start a global knowledge about neuroscience and how to benefit from knowing your own brain. Although I was born in Argentina, I have been living for almost all my life in Spain. I aim to study Medicine abroad and to continue learning how to choose my own path.

Angela Wals

Angela Wals is a freelance journalist for, among others, de Volkskrant and lives and works in Berlin. The Boy who wanted to fial is her first book. Not content with the image of the unscrupulous thug usually attached to her boyfriend’s actions, she decided to investigate.

Max Valkenburcht

Valkenburcht studies classical piano at the School for Young Talent of the Royal Conservatorium The Hague alongside his regular education at Atheneum College Hageveld in Heemstede. Last year, he has been involved in the NTR documentary Art Dept: “Vrije Val”. On due refelction, he will be combining medicine and classical piano as a double bachelor’s student after summer. Max’s talk will center around his piano studies as a navigation of his life.

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