Sara Kwant:
Sara has started a business called “f * ck smoking” with her sisters. Selling cigarettes will be banned in Dutch supermarkets in 2024 and they believe that that takes too long. Why not now? With their company they sell clothing with the text “f * ck smoking” on it and the money they collect goes to speeding up this process.

Adam Street and Sophie Everaardt:
Adam and Sophie are two students of the Sancta Maria. They have investigated for their school research project what the placebo effect of exam stress is. What if your people have a sugar cube instead of Ritalin?

Hesce Mourits:
Hesce is a former student of the Stedelijk. She combined her school days with the conservatory; music school. A real prodigy. She wrote the “Judas passie” for her school research project. A classical piece of music that was performed in the philharmonie by a professional orchestra.

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