“Choosing your (own) path”

The TEDxYouth@Haarlem 2022 theme is “choosing your (own) path”. You are continuously confronted with all kinds of difficult choices throughout your life. Think, for example, of choosing a school or choosing your first job. But also, what you wear today or what you are going to eat tonight. All kinds of choices that you must make throughout the day. You make many choices yourself quickly and unconsciously, but you may be faced with super difficult choices. We think it is particularly important that you make those choices yourself and that others do not make them for you. With the theme “choosing your own path” we want to show that you must be free to make your own choices, even if they deviate from ‘the normal’. With talks about technology, entertainment, and design, we want young people to think about how they can make their own choices in the right way.

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