“Take your future”

The theme of this year’s TEDxYouth@Haarlem conference is “take your future”. Nowadays everywhere we go, we see and hear all the negative aspects of our future. The coronavirus, big bushfires, impending world wars, melting glaciers and a lot more. However, the political decisions that are made, are made by great world leaders, who don’t have to face the consequences. TEDxYouth@Haarlem is a conference that’s all about the youth. Because we have to live on this planet and deal with the consequences caused by years of for example, CO₂ emissions. With “take your future” we want to make clear that it’s time the youth takes matters into their own hands. Change your mindset, from thinking about problems to thinking about solutions. By listening to talks about technology, entertainment and design we hope to inspire the youth to create a better future for generations after them and most importantly themselves.